What's in it for you?

Benefits you can count on...

  • Get real skills

    This course has been designed to give you real skills. Each lesson has been carefully planned to build your set of capabilities, one step at a time. Think of this course as an investment in yourself.

  • Progress your career

    Get excited about taking the next step in your career. You’ll get a certificate at the end of this course that highlights your new skill set and your ability to add value in a professional setting.

  • Enjoy learning

    You’ll love the teaching style used in this course. Learning should be fun and engaging. You’ll really enjoy those “Aha!” moments when it all comes together for you.

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Introduction

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  • 02


    • Introduction

  • 03

    What Is A Lit Review?

    • What Is A Lit Review

  • 04

    Different Lit Review Types

    • Different Lit Review Types

  • 05

    Using Your Interests

    • Using Your Interests

  • 06

    How to write a research question

    • How to write a research question

  • 07

    Mentor Texts

    • Mentor Texts

  • 08

    Search Techniques

    • Search Techniques

  • 09


    • Database

  • 10

    First Sort

    • First Sort

  • 11

    Analytic Memos

    • Analytic Memos

  • 12

    Pattern Coding

    • Pattern Coding

  • 13

    Creating Themes

    • Creating Themes

  • 14

    Generating Claims

    • Generating Claims

  • 15

    What Sections Should My Literature Review Have

    • What Sections Should My Literature Review Have

  • 16

    Order to Write In

    • Order to Write In

  • 17

    Getting Started with Methods

    • Getting Started with Methods

  • 18

    Structure Findings

    • Structure Findings

  • 19

    Components of Your Findings Section

    • Components of Your Findings Section

  • 20

    Writing Your Conclusion

    • Writing Your Conclusion

  • 21

    Writing Your Background

    • Writing Your Background

  • 22

    Writing the Introduction

    • Writing the Introduction


Instructor Bio:

Leigh A. Hall, Ph.D. is the Wyoming Excellence in Higher Education Endowed Chair in Literacy Education at the University of Wyoming. She taught middle school language arts and social studies in Houston, Texas before returning to graduate school to earn a doctorate in literacy education. Prior to coming to UW, Dr. Hall was at the University of North Carolina for 12 years. Dr. Hall's work has appeared in numerous academic journals including Research in the Teaching of English, Journal of Literacy Research, Teachers College Record, and Harvard Educational Review.

Leigh A. Hall, Ph.D