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Greg Martin

Dr Greg Martin is a medical doctor with a Masters in Public Health and an MBA degree. His professional experience includes working as the Head of Science and Research at the World Cancer Research Fund and the Director of Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Globalization and Health. 


Simon M.

This comprehensive package, including courses on research methods, statistics, qualitative research, R programming, and scientific paper writing, provided exceptional value for money. Thanks to these courses, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge, which have significantly improved the quality of my research and opened up new career opportunities. I recommend this bundle to anyone looking to excel in research and elevate their academic or professional standing.

Rhett. W.

Before enrolling in Greg Martin's research methods course bundle, I was looking for a cost-effective solution to improve my research skills. Greg's teaching style, hands-on approach, and wealth of knowledge made the learning process enjoyable and highly beneficial. If you're looking to master various research methods at great value, I cannot recommend Greg Martin's course bundle highly enough.