Course Curriculum

This course will provide you with a structured approach to writing scientific papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Each lesson focuses on one of the components of a paper and will underline what should, and should not, be included in that section.

  • 01

    Welcome to How to Write a Scientific Paper!

    • How to Navigate the Course

  • 02

    The Title and Abstract

  • 03

    Introduction and Background

  • 04


    • Methods

    • Comparing Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

    • Qualitative Research Methods in Healthcare

    • Qualitative Methods: Interviewing and Observations

    • Assessing Quality in Qualitative Research

  • 05


    • Results

    • Reporting Numeric Data

  • 06

    Discussion and Conclusions

    • Discussion

    • Conclusions

  • 07


    • References

    • Using Reference Management Software

  • 08

    Reporting Guidelines

    • Reporting Guidelines

    • Links to Guidelines and Checklists

    • Download Guidelines

    • Guidelines for Reporting Health Research: A Users Manual

  • 09


    • Authorships

    • Additional Resources

  • 10


    • Ethics

  • 11

    Cover Letters

    • Cover letter

  • 12

    The Peer Review Process

    • Peer review

  • 13


    • Pop quiz

  • 14


    • Help Us Improve the Course

The course includes teaching about how to write both quantitative and qualitative papers and give advice as to how to work collaboratively with co-authors. There is also teaching about using EndNote to manage your references and information about how to submit your paper for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


Dr Greg Martin is a medical doctor with a Masters in Public Health and an MBA degree. His professional experience includes working as the Head of Science and Research at the World Cancer Research Fund and the Director of Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Globalization and Health. 

Greg Martin