Course curriculum

  • 01

    Management and Public Health

    • Management and Public Health

  • 02

    Gender and health

    • 6 ways that Gender affects Health

    • Gender-based violence and violence against women - a public health issue

  • 03

    Social determinants of health

    • Social determinants of health

  • 04

    Climate change and health

    • Climate change and public health - why Trump should NOT have pulled out of the Paris Agreement

  • 05

    Fragile states

    • Fragile states and global health

  • 06

    Global Health law

    • Global Health Law - an interview with Larry Gostin

  • 07

    Justice, equity and health

    • Justice, Equality and Global Health

  • 08

    Human rights and Health

    • Human rights and Health

  • 09

    Global health ethics

    • Global Health Ethics (understudying right and wrong)_edited

  • 10


    • Ethics

  • 11


    • Causality

  • 12

    AI and Health

    • AI and Health


Instructor Bio:

Dr Greg Martin is a medical doctor with a Masters in Public Health and an MBA degree. His professional experience includes working as the Head of Science and Research at the World Cancer Research Fund and the Director of Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. He is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Globalization and Health. 

Greg Martin