Course curriculum

Welcome to Master the main stage- how to land, prepare and deliver your next TEDx-style talk. I'm so excited you are here and we are going on this journey together. Before you begin I highly recommend you watch TEDx Equality By Design. We will be referring back to it throughout the course to solidify your knowledge and present a behind-the-scenes look to get to your main stage event.

  • 01


    • Course Agenda

    • Future Courses

    • TEDx Talk

  • 02

    The 'whys' behind public speaking

    • Why public speaking matters

    • Psychology of fear

    • Jerry Seinfeld

    • Neuropsychology

    • Paying attention to bad speakers

    • Stuck in elevator exercise

    • Paying attention to others' stories Handout

    • Get to know your story

    • They whys behind public speaking

    • The why's behind your public speaking journey Handout

  • 03

    Identify public speaking opportunities that match your goals

    • Who is your target audience

    • Major stages to set your sights on

    • Case study TED vs TEDx

    • Main stage events to apply or aspire to

  • 04

    Land your talk

    • Book and Video Recommendations

    • Two approaches

    • Absorb the brand and content

    • Nail the application and interview

    • Case Study: TEDx nomination and interview

    • TEDx application questions

    • TEDx application screenshare walk through

  • 05

    Prepare for the best talk of your life

    • Decide on the foundations

    • From idea to script

    • Key outline components

    • The Introduction

    • Who are you

    • Main body

    • Conclusion

    • Call to action

    • Scripting

    • Design Principles & Examples

    • Slides

    • TEDx outline script walkthrough

  • 06

    Deliver a gamechanging talk to open the door for future opportunities

    • Get a coach

    • Memorisation

    • Practice, practice, practice

    • Dress Rehearsal

    • Stage Presence

    • Savor the applause

    • Case Study: Delivering my TEDx talk

  • 07

    Making the most of your talk

    • Get to know your community

    • Repackage and repurpose

    • Earn more income

    • Marketing your talk

  • 08

    Course summary and completion

    • Course Summary

    • Thank you

  • 09

    All Course Materials

    • Book & Video Recommendations

    • Design Principles & Examples

    • Get to know your story -Exercise handout

    • Main stage events open to applications

    • Main stage events to apply or aspire to

    • Marketing & PR

    • Memorisation, Practice & Routine Tips

    • Negotiating & Getting Paid

    • Public Speaking Coaches

    • TEDx application questions

    • TEDx Timeline_Handout

    • The 'why's' behind your public speaking -Exercise handout

    • Design Principles & Examples


Instructor Bio:

Jillian Kowalchuk, MSc is an award-winning entrepreneur most well-known as the Founder & CEO of Safe & The City. Her TEDx Talk, Equality By Design, established her as an international keynote speaker and is currently represented by Chartwell Speakers. She is passionate about empowering under-represented voices, empathetic storytelling and leveraging technology for good. To learn more, please visit

Jillian Kowalchuk